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Hearing Aid Guide

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Hearing Aid Financing

There are two purchasing options: The pay as you go and the traditional option.

The pay-as-you- go option or unbundled option is for patients, who do not want or are unable to pay a large fee at one time. The hearing aids are purchased at single unit costs. Once the product is purchased all service to ensure optimal performance and benefits would be billed on a pay-as-you- go basis. This option is of great benefit to those who are experienced with hearing aids as well. In the unbundled approach there are required, non-negotiable services. Payment is expected on the date of service. Service packages are available as well.

Under the traditional purchasing option the charges for the hearing aids include follow up services. There are no extra charges (except batteries) during the length of the original or extended warranty. A Person or family who has little or no experience with hearing aids would choose this option. The initial cost is greater but there is comfort in knowing that follow up services are a no extra cost.

The pay-as-you-go or unbundled option package

  • Non-negotiable costs
  1. Hearing aid manufactures warranty at single unit cost
    1. Electro Acoustic Analysis
    2. Speech mapping
    3. Earmold if needed
    4. Supply of batteries
    5. Dispensing fee
  1. Validation (COSI, APHAB or other benefit assessment tools)
  • Options –
  • Pay for services as needed
  1. Hearing aid clean and check
    1. Electro-acoustic analysis
    2. Speech mapping
    3. Hearing aid reprogramming
    4. Tubing change
    5. Earmold
  1. Lace auditory training package
  • Purchase a Service Package
  1. Extended warranty up to a total of 5 years
    • 4 visits per year for clean and check
    • 2 earmold tubing change
    • Hearing aid reprogramming
  1. LACE auditory training package

Traditional Option

While the initial cost is greater, there is comfort in knowing that follow- up services are at no extra cost.

  • Purchase price include all of the above
  • Options include the level of hearing aid technology and the warranty length.
  • Any in house service at no extra charge for the length of the original and extended warranty.